29838 Ruby Ranch Rd, Evergreen, Colorado, 80439
(303) 526-0656 contact@sotmbbq.com


“Love this truck! I’m in charge of scheduling food trucks for a micro brewery, and this truck is in the top of all the trucks I’ve met. Their food is wonderful, customers ask for them all the time, they are reliable and a joy to work with! I look forward to scheduling them in the future.” -Facebook review from T.M. – October 2015

“As a self described turkey leg ‘connoisseur,’ I didn’t think anyone could improve upon a “Renaissance Festival style” turkey leg: Slow roasted, juicy, and flavorful. Smoke On The Mountain turkey legs, however, proved to be a sublime experience for someone like me, a serious turkey leg “junkie.” Biting into the slightly crispy exterior is just the beginning. A subtle layering of flavors is revealed with every bite, and each bite is rewarded with tender, juicy, and slightly smoky meat. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was probably making, ‘num num num” sounds as I “gobbled” (ha – a pun) down a leg. I was only sorry that one leg was enough to fill me up as I would happily have eaten another.  Smoke on the Mountain turkey legs are the best I’ve ever had. “ – email from S.S. from Littleton, CO – October 2015

“Our whole family loves all the food we’ve tried. (And we’ve tried a lot) It is so refreshing to get quality food that we all love. The menu is very diverse and creative. You can tell the ingredients are fresh and the chefs enjoy what they do.” -Facebook review from E.R. of Evergreen, CO – October 2015

“This cat can cook. Try everything and you won’t be disappointed” – Facebook review from K.H. – August 2015

“Awesome food, great staff! Try the sliders and cornbread!” – Facebook review from A.N. – July 2015

“Thoughtfully crafted food and the staff is on point. Don’t be thrown by the beets in the chocolate cake, it’s ridiculously tasty!” – Facebook review from S.Z. – July 2015